Bathing Shadow

Mary and Tony get their hands wet while bathing Shadow, one of our sponsored 'Trixie' Kids.

When you say nothing at all...

In the spring of 1989, at the age of 37, Randy Skaggs was dealt a disastrous financial blow by a man who cheated him in a business deal. With what possessions he had left, $35 cash to his name and his seven beloved rescued dogs (including Trixie) - Randy left the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area and moved to Elliott County, in the hills of eastern Appalachian Kentucky. There, with the help of relatives, including his Aunt Mary (who was also the sister of recently deceased country music star Keith Whitley), Randy started all over...

Preparing for Trixie Treats

Tony French, one of our resident construction managers, talks about the process of tiling counter tops in preparation for the production of our Trixie Treats and Randy gives us a rundown on the Trixie Treats process.


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